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I'm a Titanium Titan!

As of last night I have been accepted into the Titanium Titans program. To quote the description of the program itself:

Titanium Titans are experienced contributors to the Titanium Project who are responsible for representing, promoting, and expanding the Titanium Project and its ideals to the larger mobile community and the public at large.

I have to believe that my admission into the group was due in large part to Appcelerator coming out on top in my popular mobile framework comparison a few weeks ago. While that might be my only publicly visible lauding of Titanium Appcelerator, I assure you there is more behind the scenes. I am currently working on an internal app for my employer that will be securely delivering business critical data to various types of mobile devices via the Appcelerator framework.

I feel like big things are coming with Appcelerator. With the recent acquisition of Aptana and the launching of the Titans, its plain to see that they are making aggressive, yet calculated moves to be the #1 cross-platform mobile framework on the market. I am just glad that I will get to be a key part of it.

So I know a lot of my blog readers out there aren’t big HTML/CSS/JS fans, which is the core of Appcelerator development.  In fact, I know a lot of you hate it.  Seantheflexguy, I’m looking in your direction.  But I’m sure that many of you are curious.  I mean, come on, native components and near native performance without having to learn a native SDK… how can you turn a blind eye to that?  Dig in, give it a shot, and let me know what you think.  I’m sure the Titanium staffers would love to hear your perspective on their framework.  And I’ll make sure they hear it! ;)