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Away3d People, Places, and Tutorials

2 things brought about this post:

  1. The increased popularity of Away3D with the announcement of “Molehill” at AdobeMax 2010.
  2. The scarcity and disarray of some of Away3D’s greatest resources for learning and inspiration.

To fix this I am going to create a collection here of the best available blogs, links, tutorials, demos, and videos from the Away3D community. With a little help from you, the visitors to this blog, of course. So PLEASE, if I miss a team member or a good blog, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list. OK, here we go.

The twitter list!/tonylukasavage/away3d

Let me know if you want to be added.

The Project

  • - The official Away3D Flash Engine site
  • Away3D tutorials - A list of useful, though slightly dated, tutorials for the engine
  • Away3D Developers Google Group - A growing community where Away3D developers and newbies can interact and ask questions, often addressed by the core team members themselves.

The Team

The blogs, devs, and links

The books

The games, videos, and extras

This list is far from exhaustive and I would love it if my readers would contribute. Let me hear what your other Away3D resources are. I’m all ears.